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Doug Stephan's Good Day  Described by many of his peers as the quintessential talk show host, Mr. Stephan has been compared to TV personality Maury Povich for his warm, friendly and intelligent style. He has more than 30 plus years of experience as a broadcaster, including key assignments with four national radio networks  with radio shows over such top Los Angeles stations as KRLA and KABC.
He lists veteran TV newsman/host Walter Cronkite and top Boston radio personalities Bruce Bradley and Dick Summer of WBZ among those that have truly influenced his career. A native of Framingham Center, MA, Mr. Stephan began his broadcasting career at radio station WTTF  during his student days at Heidlelberg College in Ohio.
Everyone has a story to tell, quipped Mr. Stephan. I want my guests and callers to be able to discuss their viewpoints in a friendly and warm atmosphere. That is just what Mr. Stephan creates with his own special brand of talk radio, skillfully blending conversation, controversy and commentary.
In his rare leisure time, Mr. Stephan enjoys his Massachusetts farm where he spends time with his children, Megan and Brendan, both college students.