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Students who invited conservative commentator Ann Coulter to speak at the University of California at Berkeley sued school officials on Monday saying their postponement of her talk was discriminatory and violated free speech rights.

Coulter had been scheduled to speak on April 27, but her appearance was canceled out of concern it might spark violent protests. The university proposed rescheduling her appearance to May 2.

There have been demonstrations at several U.S. colleges in recent months over speaking invitations for conservative figures. In canceling Coulter's speech, Berkeley officials cited violence that broke out at the campus in February, hours before right-wing media personality Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak there.

The Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America's Foundation said the public university was violating their constitutional rights and Berkeley was seeking to "burden or ban" events "involving the expression of conservative viewpoints."

The "KOOL Question of the Day" is:

 "In postponing Coulter's speaking engagement is Berkley...?"

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