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Once one of the world's largest tigers, the extinct Caspian tiger could once again inhabit Central Asia.

Until recently, the tigers roamed Central Asia, from the Caspian Sea to north-west China, before struggles that included loss of habitat robbed them of their prey.

Another tiger subspecies known as the Amur tiger is genetically very similar to the Caspian tiger and could potentially survive in Central Asia.

Researchers from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and State University of New York (SUNY) say they have found two spots in Kazakhstan to reintroduce the extinct enormous cat.

Scientists say the project has some major hurdles before it could be undertaken.

The potential tiger habitat needs to be protected, and they also need hooved-animals to prey upon.

The process is predicted to take at least 15 years.

 The "KOOL Question of the Day" is:

"Should they try to reestablish the Caspian tiger?"