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Hundreds of people are demanding that an Ohio State University administrator be fired after she called for compassion for the student who drove into a crowd of students and faculty on Monday morning and slashed at people with a butcher knife. 

Eleven people were hospitalized after the attack, which sent screaming students fleeing for safety and barricading themselves in classrooms. Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a junior at Ohio State, was shot and killed within a minute by a university police officer.

The post by the assistant director of residence life at Ohio State, included two demands that it not be shared. But it spread virally by people who were outraged by it.

In the aftermath of the attack, some people shared photos of Artan after he was killed. They praised the officer’s action, which they felt had saved lives.


The "KOOL Question of the Day" is:

  "Should the administrator be fired for calling for sympathy for the OSU attacker?"