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Ben E. Krooze! WNKO / WHTH Program Director / Morning Show Host - One of the most difficult things on earth is writing a blurb about yourself without sounding narcissistic, so I'm not even going to try! Seriously, have you ever seen a  more photogenic DJ in your life? After moving here in October of '05, I'm finally a "Nerk"ian. During my time here I've noticed a growing personal affinity for flannel, football, and extremely large baskets. Plus, when you factor in that all of my immediate family is at least 4 1/2 hours away, back in Indiana, I'm pretty much in Heaven. (Just kidding Mom) It is my extreme pleasure to help start your day, each weekday morning, with Dave "The Newsman" Doney, hopefully we'll compliment that morning cup-o-joe! E-mail me at: studio@wnko.com


Dave Doney! WNKO / WHTH News Director There is plenty to see and do in Licking County and that means there's plenty of things to talk about.  As News Director and co host of the "Ben & Dave Morning Show" my job is to keep you updated on what is happening in Licking County as well as across central Ohio.  I'm not just interested in talking about the issues facing our community - I'm also dedicated to making our community a better place to live by being involved in a number of organizations - Newark Kiwanis, Licking County Crime Stoppers and Big Brothers.   I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to inform and entertain, and hope you enjoy the best news coverage in Licking County. Join me for your "LIVE and LOCAL News" every weekday morning beginning at 6:00 a.m.! E-mail me at: news@wnko.com!

Lisa Lynn! WNKO / WHTH Mid-Days Personality It's great to return "Home" to Classic Hits KOOL 101.7! I began working here in 2001 and took a couple of short breaks to have some babies, but now they've grown enough that I can get back to serving up your requests during the Lunchtime Café and I'm lovin' every minute of it! I truly do love these classic hits as much as you and I'm so blessed that I get to sing along with you every day at "work"! So join me for prizes, requests and maybe a little celebrity gossip...all workday long!!

Brandon Lock! WNKO / WHTH Afternoon Personality - After being a weekender, I'm excited to become a part of the weekday KOOL Crew! I like Chinese food, monster trucks, Chai lattes, film making hockey fights, guitar solos, Nicholas Cage, the feel of a finely crafted suit, Ohio State Football, Greek salt mines, lasers and sleeping. Most of that list is true. All joking aside, I love being a part of KOOL 101.7! Make sure to call me with your requests for the 8 O' Clock Rock. We're always having a party!

Angie Evans, Ella Palardi, Brian Michaels and Bre Ziegler! - Round out our excellent  weekend on-air personalities!

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Not listed: There are other people behind the scenes who help make this place run!!  John Franks is the owner of the two radio stations.  John also keeps the property looking nice!  Tom Swank is our General Manager and  Sales Manager with Tom Medors and Andrea Hess rounding out our excellent Sales Department. Plus, our Sports Department has some of the best announcers around, including award winning play-by-play sports announcer Steve Rosenberger and Jerry Lima, color sports announcer!