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Ella Palardi!  WNKO / WHTH Mornings

 "Much like Glitter I never seem to completely go away." Happy to wake you up each morning with the Ella and Dave Morning Show! Dave and I keep you updated on news, traffic, and weather while playing the koolest tunes of all time and bickering like an old married couple (without any of the awkward make-up smooches in the kitchen). When not on the air I enjoy hamming it up on stages across Central Ohio as an actor and improviser, betting on horses, and admiring my collection of Krav Maga trophies. I am also a Christmas, classic film/TV, and tiki bar enthusiast!

Email me at: studio@wnko.com

Dave Doney! WNKO / WHTH News Director - There is plenty to see and do in Licking County and that means there's plenty of things to talk about.  As News Director and co host of the "Ella & Dave Morning Show" my job is to keep you updated on what is happening in Licking County as well as across central Ohio.  I'm not just interested in talking about the issues facing our community - I'm also dedicated to making our community a better place to live by being involved in a number of organizations - Newark Kiwanis, Licking County Crime Stoppers, Big Brothers and Licking Memorial Hospital Board of Directors.   I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to inform and entertain, and hope you enjoy the best news coverage in Licking County. Join me for your "LIVE and LOCAL News" every weekday morning beginning at 6:00 a.m.! E-mail me at: news@wnko.com!

Bre Ziegler! WNKO / WHTH Mid-Days
Greetings and salutations! - I am so excited to spend the workweek with you! Some fun facts about me: I play two instruments, the viola and guitar. I love a good superhero movie, especially with Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, binge watching Law and Order: SVU marathons, jamming out to the Beatles, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Prince and Def Leppard in the studio, cheering on the Cincinnati Reds, Columbus Blue Jackets, and even rocking out at concerts. It is my absolute pleasure to play your requests for the KOOL Lunchtime Cafe and keep you updated on the drive home with Central Ohio news headlines. Email me at: studio@wnko.com or message me on our KOOL 101.7 Facebook page!

Mike Cornell! WNKO / WHTH Afternoons

I'm an Army brat who moved around alot. The two favorite places I lived were: the Panama Canal Zone, where I got to run wild in the jungle wearing a diaper and Germany, where I learned the language well enough to understand the bad guys in those World War II movies without looking at the subtitles. I got into radio in college when a girl I liked said I had a good voice. My favorite band is: some cover band that was so good I listened to them until I sobered up and didn't drive home drunk. My two favorite movies are: Goodfellas and Goodfellas Part 2 ...oh wait... that second one just plays in my head. The top item on my "bucket list": saving a rich, young beautiful widow's life. Email me at: studio@wnko.com




Angie Evans, Abbey Bates, Grace Lenehan, Brad Shupe, and Kenny Morgan... Round out our excellent  weekend on-air personalities!

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Not listed: There are other people behind the scenes who help make this place run!! John Franks is the owner of the two radio stations. John also keeps the property looking nice! Tom Medors is our General Manager and Sales Manager, leading our dedicated Sales Team, consisting of Noelle Merryman and John Christian. Plus, our Sports Department has some of the best announcers around, including sports announcer Dave Doney and color sports announcer Ben Ferree !